Monday, September 28, 2009

Yet Another Overlooked New Sun Ray Feature

The Ctrl-Alt-Bksp-Bksp keystroke used to hard terminate a session can now be disabled. While not listed as a new feature, the documentation has been updated with the note that it can be disabled using the utxconfig command, specifically using the -q option. Disabling this keystroke can be useful in lab environments where users that know about it abuse it to free up locked terminals.

ADDED 10:15am:
In addition, a new -A option is also available to make certain settings mandatory. This was probably added in complement to the above.

The -c, -D, and -L options are now marked as reserved, but they used to have the following descriptions:
-c config-file: Sets a specific configfile to use. The usage of this option is beyond the scope of this manual.
-D: Debug flag.
-L geom: Lists out the X server screen device start-up arguments for the user preferred geometry set with -R or for geom if none is set.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sun Ray Portrait Mode

One of the friendly bloggers over at Sun reported that Sun Ray Software 5 EA2 now has support for screen rotation! As it turns out, the feature was actually added to the Sun Ray X server in Sun Ray Software 5 EA1, but was another one of the new features that was not listed in the documentation. Happy rotating!