Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Articles on Medicine and Other Stuff Too (June 2012)

An interesting perspective on evaluating hospitals based on patient satisfaction. On the other hand, hospitals are sometimes led to make changes that improve patient comfort and mood.

Is your internet communication encrypted? Okay, but when that encryption is one day broken, someone might just have a copy of it.

Fun and revealing video about the parts of our consumerist culture that we usually don't see or just ignore.

Baltimore's historical advantage as an important port city is still relevant today, but old infrastructure is now a bottleneck.

Commentary on appropriate use of technology in a healthcare setting. It's the human experience that patients look for.

Plastics and food. Not the first study and probably not the last. Whether or not it is true, denying it won't make it false, so start paying attention.

Many public health efforts today focus on the problem of food deserts, but maybe they aren't all that.

USA Today investigative report on environmental dangers from historical factories.

Historical overview of innovations to the field of surgery.

How much do you trust a capitalistic industry? Or the widespread use of flame retardants.

The difficulties of taking care of a family member with dementia.

A short historical profile on the history of Sears.

The search for a stress vaccine? Perhaps, but it might just do as well to devote resources to fixing the causes rather than just treating the symptoms.

"People hate generosity as much as they hate mean-spiritedness." Or...people are incredibly jealous and don't want to look bad. Not sure I needed a research study to tell me that one, though.