Friday, August 28, 2009

Ordering McNuggets

McDonald's chicken nuggets are an interesting price conundrum. These days, most people are been conditioned to automatically believe that the higher the quantity of a product you buy, the more value you get. While this is usually true, saving us the work of having to calculate unit prices for everything, this isn't necessarily so with McNuggets. It's been awhile since I noticed this; perhaps it was originally during my vacation to Hawaii two summers ago (prices in Hawaii are high for just about everything because things have to be imported), but whatever the case, because of the ubiquitous dollar menu at all McDonalds, a 4 piece McNuggets can be bought for $1. At least in my geographic area, all the higher quantity purchases have unit prices higher than $0.25. In fact, it is more cost effective to purchase 3x 4 piece McNuggets than it is to purchase the box of 10 (and this is true for the 6 and 20 quantities as well). There is never a case in which I would get a better value buying a box that had more than 4 nuggets in it. The nuggets aren't any different in size or taste. For the nitpickers, the only noticeable differences are that you get a few more boxes that have the words "Happy Meal" on them (since Happy Meals get 4 McNuggets). Just thought I'd share this cost saving tip with those that hadn't noticed this already :)


  1. You have changed the way I buy my nuggets

  2. Yay :) For what it's worth, do a quick check every time since today I noticed a 20-piece for $4.99. The same thing in units of 4 would be $5. A one cent difference, but it means some places may be catching on, if only at quantities that are rarely bought.