Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Value of a Job

Ever think about the jobs that are really important to society? Ever consider that they are usually the lowest paying jobs?

Do you want to be a sanitation worker? Bus or cab driver? Security guard? Cashier? Probably not, but what would society do without them? Given, most people probably don't even want to take their own trash from the house to the curb if they don't have to, let alone pick up everyone else's.

The BBC recently published an interesting article where they assessed the value to society of some high-paying jobs and low-paying jobs.

At least in the United States, you could almost extend the thought to illegal immigrants. The common argument made to deport them is that they are here illegally and are taking up jobs that Americans would otherwise have. that really true? Yes, they are here illegally. But why would an employer hire an illegal resident and risk consequences if they could hire a legal resident? If you were an employer and couldn't find a legal resident, and now your business is suffering financially, are you more likely to want to shut down your business or perhaps be willing to overlook a potential hire's legal residency status? I'm not trying to be political here, just thought-provoking.

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