Monday, July 4, 2011

A Revamped Homewood-JHMI Shuttle for Hopkins

You can always go to for the most current information on the Homewood-JHMI shuttle.

On June 20th, JHU Transportation posted a memo announcing major changes to the Homewood-JHMI shuttle service (colloquially known as "the JHMI" to Hopkins undergrads) that would take effect on July 1st. Four major changes took effect on 7/1:
  • The shuttle switched operators from Veolia Transportation to Broadway Services. Broadway is already responsible for operating the Johns Hopkins Hospital shuttles and, a couple months ago, won a contract to take over operation of the Homewood Security Escort Van (now officially known as the "Blue Jay Shuttle") from JHU Security.

  • New buses, reportedly all with working A/C, came into service. As I'm not in Baltimore right now, I haven't seen these yet, but I have high expectations for them (if you have good quality pictures and wouldn't mind sending them to me, I can post them here). These replaced the old fleet of primarily 7 year-old buses that were supplemented by 2 buses inherited/purchased from Denver Transit (the ones with standing space) and school buses shared with Veolia-operated Baltimore Collegetown shuttle during peak service.

  • The terminal stop at the JHMI campus was temporarily moved a block northeast in front of the Washington Street Garage because of planned construction at the previous stop location.

  • A new bus schedule went into effect.

Highlights of the new bus schedule:
(Click here for a detailed, color-coded list of changes to weekday service.)
  • Increased off-peak service, especially from Homewood to JHMI. During most of the day, off-peak service is now usually every 15 minutes instead of every 30.

  • The first bus from JHMI to Homewood is now 30 minutes earlier, at 6:50am.

  • On Thursday and Friday evenings, service runs for two more hours, with the last departures at 1:30am from Homewood and 1:59am from JHMI.

  • Most of the express buses from JHMI to Homewood have been converted to all-stop "local" buses. There remain only 3 express buses: 6:30pm, 7:00pm, and 7:30pm.

The weekend schedule remains mostly the same, except for two minor changes to the Sunday schedule:
  • The 4:30pm departure from JHMI is now at 4:40pm.

  • A new 6:30pm departure from JHMI fills in the gap between the 5:30pm and 7:30pm departures. (For the time being, Sunday departures from Homewood still feature a two hour interval in the evening between the 5:00pm and the subsequent 7:00pm departures.)

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