Sunday, August 21, 2011

NextBus GPS Tracking for Johns Hopkins Transportation

The NextBus service is now used to track:
  • Blue Jay Shuttle

  • Homewood-Peabody-JHMI shuttle (aka "JHMI shuttle")

  • Keswick-Homewood-Eastern-JHMI shuttle

  • Homewood-Mt. Washington shuttle

The NextBus website includes a map that shows real-time locations of shuttles overlaid on a street map.

To obtain an estimated arrival time, you can:
  • Visit the NextBus website

  • Call (410) 834-2833 and enter your stop number.

  • Send a text to 41411 with "hopkins 123" where 123 is the stop number.

Stop numbers are posted at each stop and can also be looked up by Route/Direction/Stop on the NextBus website.

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