Friday, March 2, 2012

Articles on Medicine...and One on Amtrak (Mar 2012)

It has been awhile since I link-blogged, but I think I have a few interesting ones lined up, so here goes:

A few months ago, Wired published a nice long article looking at science, correlation, and causality. It uses the failure of the drug torcetrapib as a lead-in example, and also discusses some interesting stuff on diagnosing back pain. Read here.

The NYU School of Medicine has begun to supplement its anatomy classes with computer simulations. The future is here. It won't replace traditional dissection labs completely, but has a lot of potential to enhance medical education. (New York Times)

Biomedical engineering? How about an artificial heart that doesn't beat? The amazing story here, courtesy of Popular Science.

Now that you're all read out, consider taking some real time off from the world. This Washington Post columnist writes about her experience on a cross-country Amtrak trip, where the destination was the journey.

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