Monday, July 27, 2009

Healthcore Costs, Doctors, and Salaries

There have been some interesting articles recently about health care. The point about the value of prevention is an old one for me, but the salary vs. fee pay system for doctors was something I had not heard about before. I'm not sure which is better since my experience in comparing the two is limited, but I think what any healthcare reform needs to boil down to is patients first, not profits. I'm not going to deny that the limited sources from which I read these articles may provide a biased view, but it seems that in the cases presented, improving patient care led to a reduction in healthcare costs, without cost savings being a primary goal.

NYT: Getting Good Value in Health Care
NYT: Hospital Savings: Salaries for Doctors, Not Fees
NYT: Forget Who Pays Medical Bills, It’s Who Sets the Cost
The New Yorker: The Cost Conundrum

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