Wednesday, July 1, 2009

People that can read

I'm generally a very patient, calm, hard to stress person. However, a pet peeve that I have is when I have to repeat myself. Especially in writing. Specifically, I'm referring to a number of support cases that I've been filing with Sun. With a number of them, when the assigned support rep contacts me, I feel like they haven't read anything that I've written beyond the title, and that answering their question would just be rewriting my detailed problem statement. Now, granted, I'm generally very happy with Sun (Oracle?), and I'll give the benefit of the doubt that maybe this somewhat new Member Support Center makes it difficult for techs to read the problem statement, but really now. It'd be so much easier if you would just read the problem statement that I already spent time writing and then work from there. I would like to thank those techs that DO read my entire submission and subsequently are able to bring the service request to a quick resolution. Hopefully Sun will be able to address and correct whatever issue there is here.

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